When Surfing The Web Should You Block Cookies On Your System?

When Surfing The Web Should You Block Cookies On Your System?

When you use the internet there is a good chance that you are not aware of how many systems are entering your computer at any one time. For most people, they think that the web site that they are on is the only one that enters their computer when they log into a web site. But that is not the case and it is not a secret. If you take a look at the status bar when you are web surfing, you will see a number of different addresses go through at anytime.

When Surfing The Web Should You Block Cookies On Your System?

Each of these web addresses might be offering something different to the total web experience of the site that you are on. Some sites host their images on different servers so that might be some of what you are seeing. Some sites do the same with video as well. But the point is that there is a lot going on behind the scenes whenever you go to most web pages. And the bigger the web company, usually the more that is happening.

One of the items that routinely get loaded into your computer when you visit a web site is a cookie. A cookie allows the web site that you are on to store information about you when you visit the web site. The information could be something as impersonal as the last item that you looked at or something as personal as your first and last name. For this reason some people choose to surf with web cookies turned off.

When you surf the web with cookies turned off you will find that it is a totally different experience. And all is not for the better. Sure, you may be able to keep more of your privacy but you will find yourself filling out a lot more information on every site that you visit every time that you go to it. This can start to be a pain after a while.

While it is good to think about privacy when you are on the internet, you might not want to take it too far. If you trust a web site then it is okay that they have a little bit of information about you. But, as ever, think carefully about what information you do share.

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