When Malware Tries To Escape Detection You Might Want To Use A Different Method Of Attack

One day you are sitting at your computer and you decide to do a little web surfing. You check out a few sites that you normally go to and all of the sudden you see a link to a new site that you have never been to before. You go to visit that site and all of the sudden your computer starts to act up. It is sending pop ups to you at an alarming rate. You do not know what to do so you try to run the antivirus system that is already installed on your computer. You let it do a whole scan but it is still not able to find the problem. You make sure that the software is updated and you do another scan and it still cannot find the problem. When you come to this point there can only be two things that is going on. Either the malware that is infecting your computer is so new that it has not been detected by the antivirus companies yet. Or the malware is doing its best to try and hide from the type of antivirus software that you are using.


The people who create malware for a living are getting better and better at it every day. They are no longer just trying to create malware that will infect your computer and that is it. No, they are getting really sophisticated with their attacks because they want to be able to make money. So to make sure that they are able to make money, they are going to do what they can to make sure that you cannot get the virus off of your system. And if you do not have someone around who knows what they are doing when it comes to getting serious pieces of malware off of your computer then there is a good chance that you will not be able to get it off of your computer.

There are several ways that malware try to hide from popular antivirus detection software. One of the most popular ways is through what is known as a rootkit. This is a piece of software that is able to bypass the userland portion of the operating system and sits in the kernel section of the operating system. When you have a piece of code that is able to get that deep into the operating system then that code will be able to do anything it wants. There are other ways that pieces of malware are able to avoid detection from antivirus software but the rootkit is a favorite of a lot of people.

But you do not have to sit back and take it when a piece of malware has taken over your computer. There are several steps that you can try before you decide to hand your money over to the pros. First of all you can download one of the many rootkit detectors that are out there. Or you can try several more antivirus solutions. While a piece of malware can set up to not be detected by several security solutions that are on the market, it will not be able to hide from all of them. If you go with one of the less famous ones then there is a good chance that you will be able to find one that is able to keep the malware from hiding from it. If that fails you can always try and Live CD with a Windows antivirus solution to help you out. It will be able to scan the entire hard drive without restrictions.

Dealing with malware that hides is no fun. Make sure you do not panic and try to right tools for the job.

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