When It Comes To Your Computer Don’t Forget Physical Security

When it comes to the security of our computers we seem to think that it is all about what goes on in the software. And that is for good reason. Most of the problems that we have when it comes to the security of our computers come from the software area. But what about the hardware of the computer? Do we have to worry about the outside of our computers as well? Yes we do and in the following article I will explain why.

computer security isn't just about software

computer security isn't just about software

Why you need to worry about the hardware as well

When it comes to making our computers safe there are several vectors you have to think about. While you usually would have to worry about a strange entity getting into your system over the computer lines, in the real world someone can just access your computer manually and do the same thing. It has the same damaging effect and can really place you in a bad position with your customers and even your own financial well being. So the question becomes how can you as the average person stop this?

Stopping physical intrusions

You can stop it by making sure that if you have any laptop that you use on the go locked. When you are using it make sure that you have the lock that either came with the laptop or you bought separately firmly in place. A visible lock on the laptop makes it less desirable for thieves to try and take it from you. People who are thieves usually go for the easiest target and if they see that you have a lock on your computer they are more than likely to leave it alone.

The same rule goes for your desktop as well. While there is less likely a chance of your desktop computer being stolen it can happen and it will help stop thieves if you put a lock on it. With a desktop computer you can be a little less vigilant than with a laptop but it never hurts to be too careful.

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