When Is A Toyota Not A Toyota?

“Toyota” or “Toy Yoda”

That is the question.


Jodee Berry, a former Hooter’s girl, believed that she was going to win a new Toyota car in a beer selling contest at the restaurant where she worked.

Or did she?

Did Jodee Berry really win a Star Wars toy instead of a brand new car or am I kidding you?


What do you think?

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  1. I think this story is true. 😀

  2. And the answer is…..

    this story is…

    T R U E !!!!!!

    Jodee Berry really did sue because she thought she had won a Toyota!

  3. Hoax I think

  4. Cyrus the Virus says:

    I’m a huge fan of star wars so i would have been happy with the yoda toy.

  5. I reckon its true but still wonder how you can confuse a green toy with a car?

  6. Look at the angle of the article on the page, it’s a dead giveaway that its a photoshopped image.

  7. They sound similar so I can see how someone could be confused but suing is a bit far fetched. I think this must be a fake photo and story

  8. Dionne Collins says:

    That photo looks too good to have been doctored so I say this one is true?

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