When Does The Web Browser Become Too Helpful?

When it comes to the internet, the one weakness that it does have is some of the security features. The internet started off as a purely open system that everyone was expected to share in. That is why we are able to see the source code in the client side of the browser. But when more people started to join the internet and the more sensitive systems started to come online, we started to see that the old ways were not working anymore. We needed to be able to protect ourselves a little bit better when we traveled down cyber space. So we started to see more web sites use the password and username model of protection.

When Does The Web Browser Become Too Helpful?

But with this type of protection we still started to see problems. One of the biggest problems that we started to see was that you had to give a username and password at each web site that you went to. So it became hard for people to keep track of all the different password and username combinations that they used so they just started to use the same one all of the time. So if you were a bad guy trying to break into the user profile of a victim all that you had to do was find the username and password on one of the web sites that they went to and you would be able to break into them all. So now the browser makers are trying to help you with this.

The Chrome team has decided to take the relationship between the username/password model and the browser to the next level. Browsers have always been able to store your passwords. Well at least in the modern browser era. Now Chrome is trying to help you create safe passwords as well as change your password automatically if the browser suspects that your account has been compromised. They want to be able to take the user intervention out of the way as much as possible.

Now while this sounds good in theory, there are all kinds of problems that could pop up because of this. What if the browser gets a false positive? What if a group of black hat hackers find out what the seed is that Chrome uses to make the password? This could lead to trouble.

It will be interesting to see how this works out. This could either be the start of a new era of computer security or one big mistake.

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  1. Sounds useful, but there are still may problem.If chrome manager all kind of passwords automatically for use , then it’s hard to remember these password. It highly depend on chrome browser, what if I want to change a browser?Can the manager password be imported into other all kind of browsers such as firefox ie and avatn browser maxthon,slim etc.?
    It’s just a little hard to do that.

    • If you have many passwords to remember then I’d recommend looking at KeePass which negates the need to save anything in the browser at all.

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