When Countries Like North Korea Boost Their Cyber Security The Whole World Needs To Take Notice

Throughout the years, the world has seen many types of dangers. There have been wars with heavy machinery, bad weather, and many others types of danger. Now we are starting to see a new type of danger blossom and it is indeed man made. This new danger is being brought about because of our total personal and financial investment in the cyber era. While I do not wish to compare the dangers of the cyber era to the ones that I described earlier, what is true is that you cannot take the internet as simply just a toy anymore. It is a place where business and life altering activities are conducted and should be treated as such.

For years now, we have seen different countries from around the world attempt to try and build up their cyber security. This was done for the sake of their nation’s security and for the purpose of being able to strike first on a cyber war field. Each of these countries are trying to find the best hackers in their land to come work for the government. And from there they will be able to both defend and spy on other countries, even ones that are supposed to be considered friendly.

We see this is in the amount of cyber warfare that (allegedly) happens between the USA and China. While publicly each country is supposed to get along, privately each country is believed to be using hackers to be able to penetrate the other country’s cyber sovereignty. It is kind of like an open secret – I’m of the opinion that everyone knows that it happens its just that no-one will admit it.

When Countries Like North Korea Boost Their Cyber Security The Whole World Needs To Take Notice

An even greater threat

But while the USA may hold decent relations with the Chinese, there are other countries out there that they are pure enemies with. There are countries out there where cyber security is a life and death struggle. If they are able to get secrets that they are not supposed to know about then it is bad news for everybody. There are a few countries that are on this list that have an active hacker community, such as North Korea and Iran. These two countries have alienated a lot of people from around the world. So there are very few countries who would not like these two being able to access their secrets. But when it comes to cyber warfare, it is not necessarily the one with the biggest guns that win. It is the one with the best hackers.

While the countries of the west have more world class hackers than just about anybody, it does not mean that the other countries are not trying to catch up. Take for example a country like North Korea. While the best hackers in the United States can be hired away by private enterprise instead of working for the government, the hackers of North Korea do not get that luxury. They are likely to be forced to work for the government. And they are probably going to be made to come up with attacks that are going to enrich the government. If they do not then it could literally mean their lives. With that kind of incentive working for you, you may tend to try and make sure that you produce! In all of North Korean society you see that people work themselves to almost starvation in trying to please their corrupt government. If they would take a cue from their southern neighbors, they might be a lot better off. South Korea is one of the most technically advanced countries in the world and the North Koreans probably would have a hard time catching up with them.

Holding out against the threat

But while this is true of a government like North Korea, the western governments of the world have started to wake up to the serious threats of cyber security. They are starting to increase training for both technical and non-technical personnel. You will find that you are able to fight off most of the hacks that are out there if you teach the people who work for you how to deal with a cyber issue when they come across it. When it comes to cyber security the old saying is true, you are only as strong as your weakest link. You can make the system as strong as you want to but as long as people who are not security conscious have access to it then they will be the weak links. But instead, if these people are properly trained, from the head of security on down to the secretaries who work in the office, then being able to penetrate the security would be a lot harder.

Even small countries are going to be big players should there be a cyber war in the next couple of years. If countries underestimate their power then there is going to be trouble. But if they recognize that they are a threat then there is a good chance that you will be able to stop them before anything really bad happens.

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