Whats Love Got To Do With It?

That’s a very good question and all credit to Tina Turner for asking.

I’ve written before about romance scams and how some unscrupulous individuals or groups of scammers will play on their victim’s feelings in order to profit financially from them.

After reeling in their victims with lies, lack of information and deceit they will then find any excuse to solicit money – the hospital fees, cost of a visa, air fare to come and see you, etc.

I believe that the scammers who prey on other people’s emotions are near the lowest of the low, I guess that’s why


.oO(Joan Jett, the singer featured in that video didn’t half look good in those tight leathers) 🙂

The above clip is from RomanceScam, a site which hopes to ‘out’ the romance scammers.

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  1. That song is one of my all time favorites and is a great match to the message they are trying to put across.

  2. lol I found this searching recent blog posts about Joan Jett – I liked the leathers too 🙂


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