What You Should Be Learning When It Comes To Reverse Engineering Tutorials

If you are looking for a hot job market right now you should look no further than computer security. Computer security is real hot right now and that is because of several reasons. First of all we have more devices now that act like computers than we have had in the past. You have devices that are in your pocket that run like computers, you have devices that are in your car that run the same as computers do and you have devices in the hospital that will save your life that run just like computers do. And all of these devices need some sort of protection.


The other reason why the job market is so hot when it comes to computer security engineers is because there are not that many people out there with the skills to be able to do the job. When you are talking about computer security there are so many different levels that it is hard to find people who are to fill these roles. You have the level where you are telling the average person how they can secure themselves on their computer better. These types of roles are easier to fill because they involve less of the technical stuff and more of getting people who know how to explain technical details to the average person. These types of roles are easier to find but they can still be difficult to fill because it takes a special gift to put technical details into everyday words.

The other role when it comes to security is people who know how to deal with the technical side. This includes people who know how to protect a network, people who know how to reverse engineer a piece of malware and other types of roles of that nature. These types of roles are really hard to fill because it involves learning a bunch of skills that really takes years to master. It is a lot easier to teach someone how to program than it is teaching that same person how to take that program apart. That is why if you are looking for a job then getting involved with the security industry is probably the best thing that you can do.

But there are several things that you need to learn before you jump into the computer security industry. This is especially true if you are talking about reverse engineering. You can take a look at all of the reverse engineering tutorials that you want but if they are not teaching you certain toolsets then you are being really short changed. So here is a short checklist of all the things that you really should know if you are going to get into reverse engineering.

First of all you really need to learn how to read Assembly language. Assembly language is what you are going to digging into most of the time so you should really start to learn it early. And the best thing about Assembly language is that once you learn one set it is easy to be able to pick up another set. You can go from x86 to ARM with little problem. It first takes you getting used to it and then you are ready to go. The second thing you need to know is how a program executes through the actual computer. It is hard to tell what the computer is going to do next if you do not know how the internals of a computer work. The next thing you need to learn is a low level computer language like C. And after that it will help if you learn how to automate some of your work with a high level programming language like Python.

Of course this is not all you need in reverse engineering work but it is a great place to start. And keep in mind we did not even mention some of the tools that you will need like Dissassemblers and other programs like it.

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