What Will The Top Security Targets Be In 2010?

Once again a year is coming to an end and a new one is on the horizon.

There have been plenty of successes and defeats in the world of cyber security.

Just the other day one of the largest botnets on the Internet was severely disrupted.

The bot net was called Mega-D and had over 250,000 zombie computers that was part of it.

Some of the defeats include new security breaches in the way of credit card and bank security.

Every year this is to be expected and 2010 will hold the same challenges.

Some of the top security vendors in the industry have put out several blog postings on what they think will be the top security threats of 2010.

Here are a few that that they had in common.


Top Security Challenges Of 2010

Social networks is one of the top concerns of security vendors worldwide.

The more popular these avenues of the Internet become, the more that they are going to attract attackers to find exploits into the system.

Already there have been new exploit toolkits that have been placed out to attack popular destinations such as Facebook and Twitter.

The fact that these two services offer third parties a way to plug into their infrastructure is a big reason why they will be tops in the list of security concerns.

Another predicted security target in the land of desktop of applications may not be who you think it is.

Throughout the years, Microsoft has always been considered by security researchers to be the number one target of hackers.

Now there is a new number one company that researchers believe will be their biggest target.

It is Adobe and their suite of products.

Adobe is the only company on the planet that can make the claim that their software is almost as widely available as the Microsoft Windows operating system.

When a company’s size is of this magnitude, it makes them a huge target in the first place.

Now take the fact that both of their most popular software, flash and reader, both have scripting capabilities, it makes them a huge target and a huge financial opportunity for hackers.

Another concern for security researchers in 2010 is the wider spread usage of banking trojans against individuals.

This has proven to be very lucrative in the cyber criminal underground and more attacks are being formulated as we speak.

This will be a major concern in the new year and one we must look out for.

These are the main attacks that some of the top security researchers in the world are concerned with.

New technology will of course come out to help stop these attacks but there is one way that will help blunt 99% of these attacks.

That is to be smart while using your computer and use common sense while online.

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