What Traps Should I Avoid When Viewing New Web Sites For The First Time?

When I say new web sites, I am not talking about web sites that were just made.

No, I am talking about web sites that you just recently discovered.

It is hard to tell if you can trust a web site or not when you have just found it.

If a web site is part of an established business then it can be a little easier to trust but if it is a new place that you have never heard of before then you are going to have to take your time before you do any business with them.

You do not want to be the guinea pig when it comes to something like this.

You will want to hear the opinions of others before you put down your hard earned cash.

I will take a look at some of the things that you can do to make sure that you do not fall victims to one of these traps.


Read Reviews About The Web Site

No matter if the web site is a commerce site or not there will be people who talk about it.

You might have to search a little harder than for some other sites but look to see what people have to say about the site.

Listen to their opinions whether they liked it or not and when you find some reviews for the site, do not stop there.

Keep looking to see what people have to say about it and then form your own consensus based on that.

This way you will have a good indicator on whether the site can be trusted or not.

But the reviews of the site are not the last thing that you want to look at.

Take a look at some other signs to see if the site will cause a security problem on your computer.

Does It Do Anything Weird?

Thats a very good question, and one I wished I’d asked about my ex-wife, but I digress…

If you are an experienced web surfer then you should know by now how most web pages work.

When you surf the web for a long time even if you do not know how they work, you can get a good feel of when a web site is doing something funny.

It may take longer than normal for the site to render the web page that you want to go to or the site might redirect you to someplace weird.

If the web site that you are visiting is doing that then there might something wrong with it.

This is not the fact in all cases but when you have just visited the web site for the first or second time then you do not want to take those kinds of chances.

Going to a new web page is what surfing the web is all about.

You are able to find new and exciting things to do that way.

But you must be aware that not all web pages are safe on the internet.

Be on the lookout for some that might be considered a threat.

About Lee Munson

Lee's non-technical background allows him to write about internet security in a clear way that is understandable to both IT professionals and people just like you who need simple answers to your security questions.


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