What To Do If Your Electronic Device Is Stolen

More and more of us are attached to our devices than ever before. In the past when you would walk around with an electronic device of any kind you were called a geek. This was especially true if you walked around with it all day long. If you look at a lot of teen movies in the past you can see how prevalent this mentality was back then. Now that is no longer the case. Now everyone likes to use these devices and these same people also like to consider themselves geeks because they use the product. The truth is that you are not a geek just because you use an electronic device all of the time because everyone does it now. It is part of the mainstream way of life and most likely it is not going to go away anytime soon. Electronic devices like smartphones, tablet computers, and laptops are going to be an everyday part of our life for some time to come.


But you have to remember that there is a downside to being attached to our device all of the time. And that downside is that we put all our life information in these devices. We put personal information like baby pictures and graduation pictures on there. And we put business information like our bank accounts and the stock that we own on these devices as well. And while that is what a lot of these devices are used for it also leaves us vulnerable in the case where we do not have direct access to the device anymore. A good example of this is that we lose total control of our information on the device if it is stolen at some point.

There has been rash of robberies recently when it comes to the high end electronic devices that we use in our everyday life. These devices include IPads, IPhones, high end Android based phones, and many others. The thieves out there know that there is a high demand for these type of devices and they can make a lot of money off of them. Also there are a lot of cases the thief just wants the device for themselves. They do not want to sell it, they just want to be able to own one.

So what do you do if this happens to you? What should you do if your device is stolen? Well the first thing that you should do is call the police. This will help you start a paper trail that will prove that your device and this is important especially if you get a chance to get the device back. The next few things that you want to do is cancel or change the passwords for any accounts that you use when you are on the device. A lot of us just save the passwords on the device when we use them so you do not want the thieves to be able to have access to any of your important accounts. And remember, even if the account is not important, change the password anyway. You do not want the thief to have any chance to get any more information about you. The last thing you want to do is see if the thief has already accessed any of your accounts. If they have you might be able to get an IP address from them and you will be able to track who took your device from you.

Just remember that your device holds a lot of information about you. There might be some apps on there that you have even forgotten about. If someone steals your device make sure that you follow the rules so they will not be able to hurt your more than they already have. Also consider that there are now many apps and security programs that offer device tracking as well as the ability to lock and erase should the worst happen.

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  1. Let’s also remember a few basic steps you should take *before* your device is stolen. Always password protect the device. A “casual” thief won’t hack into a password protected device, but might take advantage of information that’s not password protected. Always make sure that you have backed up any crucial data that’s on the device so you aren’t locked out of your own accounts while the thief has all of the account information. And always write down all unique identifiers to the device so that they are available for the police report. Having your laptop’s unique ID number makes it easier to verify that it’s yours when the thief tells the cop that it’s not yours.

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