What Sort Of Web Sites Should I Use A Throwaway Email For?

When you are on the web, you are going to be bombarded with different offers all of the time. Also there are going to be several different web sites that you will want to visit whose trustworthiness will vary in range. While there are some sites that you want to take a chance with, there are others that you just want to check out what they have on the site and never bother with them again.

What Sort Of Web Sites Should I Use A Throwaway Email For?

But sometimes these sites have a restriction on them. They want you to sign up for the web site or at least provide an email. The problem is that you do not trust them yet. So what should you do to combat this problem? Well, the solution is easy. You can just create a throw away email address for you to use.

What is a throw away email address?

A throw away email address is an email that you only use for certain types of web sites. As I said earlier, these are mostly web sites that you do not trust with your information. You just go to one of the free web sites like yahoo and create an email address that will only be used on web sites that you do not trust. That way you protect the email address that you use to conduct business with everyday.

So what sites should you use this type of address with?

That is the question that everyone wonders about. What type of web site should you use this with? Well, the first thought is that it should be used if you sign up for any type of adult web site. Also, you can use this type of email on any kind of web site that is marketing a product. If you think that the web site is going to send you spam or corrupted file links then use this email trick.

If you want to avoid polluting your main email account with junk messages then you should create a throw away account that you do not care about. It will save you a lot of time and keep you more secure at the end of the day.

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  1. Whats real bad is when your main email account info is sold by the company you have email thru. Many websites including ISP’s sell email addys to make extra money, they dont generally care a whole lot about just who buys them either.

    A friend of mine started getting spam in their main email account thru thier ISP – they never used that addy for anything, the spam was usually messages infected with something, everyone came from addys from Yahoo.

    • Lee Munson says:

      I know what you mean – I have had totally unused ‘throwaway’ email addresses receive more than there share of spam before!

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