What Sort Of Tech Should You Consider To Keep Your Small Business Safe?

Being able to create a safe environment in any situation is an exercise in patience. Some people think that all you have to do is visit a web site and just follow a couple of instructions and you will be secured. That is not the case. It does not matter if you are talking about a home security system, hiring security guards, or setting up the security on your network. You are going to have to do a lot of homework to make sure that everything is correct.

What Sort Of Tech Should You Consider To Keep Your Company Safe?

When you are setting up a home security system, you are protecting something of value, your family and your personal possessions. You are not going to leave to chance that you did not implement the best option that you could. If you do take that chance, why set up security in the first place? And when you are hiring security guards to watch items when you are not able to do it, you are going to do a background check on the person. You are going to make sure that they have a record that shows that they can be dependable. If you do not and you allow a fox in the hen house then again, why did you even bother setting up security in the first place? And of course the same thing goes to setting up the security for your office network. If you are not going to do it right then there is no need to try at all. And that is what this article is about. We are going to go over the very basics that you should have when you are setting up security in a small office situation.

The proper equipment

When you are looking at setting up computer security there are several aspects that you have to pay attention to. First of all you are going to have to take a look at both the hardware side and the software side. Then you are also going to have to pay attention to the main network side and the nodes that connect to the network. These are all details that are vital to keeping your network safe. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. If you do not pay attention to everything that makes up the network then that hole will eventually be the entrance that a bad guy uses to penetrate your system.

Let’s take a look at the hardware you are going to need. First of all, if you are talking about an office that has more than 50 people in it, then you cannot go with a router that is just something that you bought out of Best Buy. You have to think about speed issues as well as security so you are going to need something that is a little more powerful. You will most likely have to order your router online. You do not need the most powerful router out there, something that is considered corporate level, but you do need something that will get the job done. Do your research and you will be able to find something that will suit your needs.

After the router, you are probably going to need some type of IDS system. The letters IDS stand for intrusion detection system. This is a set up that will have your firewall and a couple of other goodies all bundled in one. A proper IDS is vital and it is probably the item that you are going to have do the most research with. But it will be worth it in the end. This is your first line of security and in many types of attacks, it will be the only thing that you need.

Now that you have taken a look at the hardware side of things, let’s take a look at the software. Most of the equipment that you will buy will come with the proper software set up so let’s take a look at the software that you need with the node portion of your network. The nodes are the computers that the employees at the office use every day. These are the computers that will be connecting to the network and the outside world all of the time so they need the proper security software set up as well. To make sure that the nodes are secure you are going to need the same items that you would need on a home computer. You need the right antivirus software and a personal version of a firewall. While your network will already have a firewall set up there is no such thing as being extra cautious. Setting up a firewall on your nodes should be fine.

So as you can see there is a lot that goes into setting up security at a small office. If you do proper homework then you should be fine.

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