What Should You Do If A Company That You Do Business With Gets Hacked?

If you watch the news you will hear more and more about businesses having some kind of data leak.

This means that a black hat hacker was able to get into their systems and take some of the data that was in there.

Most of the time a business will be quiet about this type of information because they do not want their customers to know that there is a problem with their security systems.

Once a customer finds out that you have been breached then it is a long road to be able to gain that trust from them back.

No matter if you are honest about the data leak or you cover it up, once your customers find out about it, then you are in trouble.

can you trust a company that has been hacked?

can you trust a company that has been hacked?

That’s why I have posed the question on what you should do if a company that you do business with gets hacked?

Should you drop them or should you give them another chance?

Has The Company You Deal With Already Been Hacked?

The first thing that you must realize is that every company has some sort of data leak at one point in their existence.

This is especially true if they are a big company.

Some of the biggest names on the internet, who probably have some of the best cyber security on the planet, have had information stolen from them remotely and by attacks that were already known by other hackers.

In other words, hackers have used existing exploits against big businesses, rather than making new exploits to target individual companies.

So if well known companies are able to be exploited then there is a good chance that any company can have it happen to them.

The question you should be asking is how often does it happen to them?

What To Do If They Have Been Attacked In The Past?

If the company has been attacked then you should investigate their past and see how many times it has happened to them.

Do not be afraid to ask questions and make sure that they are giving you the correct answers.

If they lie to you then there is a good chance that you should take your business elsewhere.

If it has happened only once then you should do a follow up and make sure that they have fixed the problem.

If they do, and their overall record is pretty good, then you should give them another chance.

Making sure that the company that you do business with is secure will help save you from heartache in the long run.

If they prove to not be serious about their security then you should move to another company.

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