What Security Aspects Should I Consider Before Buying Or Selling On eBay?

A site like eBay has been a great boon for people around the world. And it is this way for many good reasons. First of all, there is no other site which is able to gather that many people in one place who you can purchase items from. While a web site like Amazon is huge in reach and scale, you are not able to get the diverse amount of items that you can on a web site like eBay. Second, when it comes to an auction web site like eBay you are going to be bidding on an item to be able to make a purchase. This means that you are more than likely going to pay either at or below fair market price. While there are some items that do go over, for the most part you are not going to pay more than what the item is worth. That kind of purchase is great in a down market like this. People need to be able to save as much money as they possibly can and with eBay you are able to do this.


But there is a dark part of eBay that you have to worry about as well. There are several aspects of eBay that makes it not as friendly as it could be. Most of these lessons you will learn about as you become a seller or buyer on the site. You will see that if you are a buyer that some of the items will not be as you thought they were. You will also have to deal with some of the sellers not sending the item at all. If you decide to become a seller on the web site eBay, you will find that there are some pitfalls there as well. You will have to deal with people not paying for an item. You will also have to deal with some jerks that got the item that they purchase but they say they didn’t. But these facts are not the only downside when it comes to eBay. There are also some security concerns as well. Some of these concerns are from both inside and outside of the web site. We will talk about several of them in this article.

Security concerns that you will find in eBay

As I said earlier in the article, there are some security concerns that you must think about when it comes to a web site like eBay. Probably the number one security problem that you must be concerned with when it comes to eBay is your password and your username. Just like with anything else on the internet, the more popular you become, the bigger the target you are. The bad guys will see that you are selling a lot of items on eBay and they will do their best to be able to get your password so that they can log in and take over your account. When they have your password there are one of two things that they might do with it. They will either try to use your account for themselves or they might try to sell it. Selling eBay accounts is very lucrative on the black market so there is great financial incentive for them to do so. They are also less likely to get caught when it comes to breaking into an eBay account. Most federal authorities are more worried about people breaking into bank accounts than they are worried about an eBay account being broken into. Even though they both will make you lose money, in the eyes of the law a bank account has more precedence than an eBay account.

So after your credentials being taken, what else do you have to worry about on eBay? Well, you also have to worry about software and other digital files being sold on eBay. Some black hat hackers will sell cheap digital items on eBay with the hope of being able to infect your home computer. It is just like going to an illicit web site and your computer becoming infected. People think that just because they get the digital file from a seller on eBay that they do not have to worry about it. That is not the case. Make sure you check all files with a good antivirus program. Trust no one with the safety of your computer.

So despite the bad points that I brought up about eBay, it is still a great web site to shop with. If you need to purchase or sell an item then I still suggest that you shop there. It is just like anywhere else on the internet, you just need to be careful with what you do on the site.

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