What Motivates A Hacker To Attack Your System?

Everything we do in life has some type of motivation behind it.

Whether it is why we work at a certain job or why we have two kids instead of five, there is always a reason behind something that we do.

Bad guys have motives as well.

This is especially true of black hat hackers.

If You’ve Been Hacked You Need To Know Why

When most people fall victim to hackers the last thought they have is why that person did it to them.

That is understandable.

After somebody becomes the victim they really do not care why the person did what they did, they only want a chance to get back at them or at the very least get their money back, or to repair any damage that was done.

However, if you find out the motivation behind the attack, it may help you be able to get your money back and also stop you from being a victim ever again.

Most people will automatically assume that the main motivation for hackers is money and they would, for the most part, be right.

Money is a huge factor as to why a lot of these people perform crimes but it is not the only reason why they do it.

A lot of these black hat hackers are smart and can make a good amount of money in other ways so there has to be a reason on why they choose this line of work besides money.

Hackers Are Motivated By Technical Challenges

The technical challenge of the work is a big reason why a black hat hacker attacks the systems that they do.

Even though people think that computer jobs can be exciting, the reality is that most of them consist of business programming which is relatively easy.

There is no challenge in job such as these. (this may explain why some hackers go on to become security pros)

So a black hat hacker is able to find the technical challenge that they desire when they are figuring out how to create a virus that will affect millions of people.

The age of having just one lone kid in the basement creating havoc is over – a lot of these attacks are well coordinated and takes a lot of software engineering – the technical motivation is huge in this world.

Another reason why people get in this line of work besides money is the excitement of it all.

Being on the wrong side of the law brings an air of excitement that cannot be beaten.

There is a certain adrenalin rush that comes with the job and adrenalin rushes can be addictive.

Once someone is able to feel it for the first time, they want a bigger rush and this is what jobs like this bring.

This factor is truly underestimated in why hackers do what they do.

As I said earlier, money is a huge factor as to why black hat hackers do the crimes that they do but it is not the only factor.

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Lee's non-technical background allows him to write about internet security in a clear way that is understandable to both IT professionals and people just like you who need simple answers to your security questions.


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