What Makes A Trusted Web Site?

You often hear people ask about the dangers of the internet and what they should look out for. They want to know what makes a web site trusted. That is a really good question. There is really no good answer about what makes a web site trusted. A corrupted web site can come in many different forms and sizes. So it is hard to point out a web site that is 100% fine to surf on.

Even with trusted web sites such as Facebook and Amazon there will still be parts of them that may be able to harm your computer. For example, in the comment sections of Amazon, someone might put a link there that might send you somewhere dangerous. And on Facebook, a friend might send you a link that does the same thing as well. Do these security flaws make it a bad web site to go to? But can it also be considered a trusted web site due to the fact that these security holes do happen.

What Makes A Trusted Web Site?

Try your best

The best that you can do when you are looking for a trusted web site is go by what other people say (which may include using reputation tools such as myWOT). On the internet, in a lot of cases the majority opinion is the one to follow. This is because the web sites have already been vetted and have either been found wanting or have been found to be just fine. If there are a lot of people saying that the web site is safe then that means it probably is.

You do not want to go to any web site with blind trust though. You always want to keep your eyes open for anything suspicious. If the domain in the address bar seems weird then check it out. If the graphics on the web site seem off then check that out as well. It will never hurt you to make sure that you are safe by being extra cautious. You should also use a good antivirus program that will warn you of suspect links when using search engines.

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