What Is The Security Difference Between Native Apps And Web Apps?

For years we have all used our computers will a lot of glee. They helped us get our work done and they also helped us enjoy ourselves. There is a lot that you can do with a computer no matter if it is work or if it is play. But then when the internet was introduced there was a whole different dimension to the computing experience added. Now you had a world that you could go to outside of the computer that was on your desk. Now you could communicate with people from all over the world and they could communicate with you. And you could do all of this without having to leave the room that you were in.


The modern day internet also adds another experience that people did not expect to happen. Now when you are on the internet you can use applications that you would normally have to install on your computer. In the past if you wanted to write a term paper while you were in college you had to use Microsoft Word. Now all you have to do is to log into Google and use their Google docs service. You are able to get the same kind of service that you would when you are using Microsoft Word. And it’s the same thing with a lot of services these days. There are a lot of apps that you can get online that previously you would only be able to use if you had installed them into the computer. But what does that mean when it comes to security?

It does not matter if you have a web app or if you have a native app installed on your computer; security is always going to be a concern that you have to worry about. The bad guys have learned ways to crack into both over the years so do not think that just because you use one type of app over the other that you do not have to worry about it. The only difference is the type of security problems that you have to worry about.

The security of web apps

When it comes to web apps, the problems that you have to worry about with them is the same as the problems you have to worry about with regular web pages. These problems include XSS attacks, sql injections, JavaScript exploits and other attacks of that nature. You have to be on the alert even more when it comes to these attacks because when you have a web app people interact with the page even more than they normally would. With a normal page they would just read the content and then click the link to go to the next page. When it comes to web apps, depending on the application, will determine how much interaction there will be on the web page. But as we said earlier, there is a good chance that there will be more than with a regular web page.

The security of native apps

When it comes to native apps the security is based on if the bad guys are able to get to the program. While you are on the web the app is available to the public. When you are dealing with a native app, the software is installed on the computer or the phone. But if the bad guys are able to get to the app, they can reverse engineer it or find a hole and exploit it just like they would with a web app.

Overall it does not matter what type of app you use, you just have to remember to stay safe.

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