What Is The iCloud And What Features Does It Have?

What exactly is the iCloud and in what ways can it help you?

Simply, the term iCloud refers to Apple’s internet based services which are used for synchronizing data and files across iOS devices, PCs and Macs, (see iCloud initial setup) and it offers you many useful features, some of which are detailed below:


One of the first questions I heard asked about iCloud was how much storage it would actually offer? The answer is 5 GB of storage will be available at no cost. This may well be enough for most people who may choose to use it to store some mail, a few documents and a couple of files.

For other people, who wish to store apps, books and music for instance, 5 GB will probably be nowhere near enough storage space. Apple does cater to those users, though additional storage space comes at a cost.


iCloud offers some, but not all, of the same features as MobileMe, plus a few new ones too. With MobileMe you can sync all your emails, calendar, contacts and Safari bookmarks amongst all of your iOS devices and computers. The iCloud setup options offer storage for docs, music, photos and other more, allowing for everything to be synched.

Music Features

There are also music options in iCloud – the iTunes in the iCloud offers you the ability to manually download all your previously purchased iTunes store music as well as automatic downloading for newly purchased music to any iOS device or computer which is authorised for your iTunes account.

Old 128 kbps protected ACC format tracks will not be converted to unprotected 256 kbps ACC files by downloading them again in this manner – you’ll have to pay 30 cents per song to upgrade them via  iTunes. If your tracks are no longer available from the iTunes store then you will not be able to download them.

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