What Is The Google Redirect Virus And How To I Get Rid Of It?

Does your computer or web browser have any of the following issues:

  • your computer seems much more sluggish or slower than normal
  • when you check your browsing history you see a lot of ‘redirected’ pages
  • your browser seems to be opening web pages much slower than normal
  • your antivirus program flags up an infection that it can’t seem to get rid of

If so, you may be infected with a pesky piece of malware known as The Google Redirect Virus.

The Google Redirect Virus

This particular virus is extremely hard to remove and displays the symptoms I listed above. What it does is all based around search engine queries – whenever you look for something on Google, Yahoo!, Bing, etc you will type what you want, hit enter and then a page of relevant results will be returned.

When you click on one of the links on this results page you would quite rightly expect to land on a page on the web site listed. However, if you have been infected with the Google Redirect Virus then you will, instead, end up somewhere completely different – namely a page created by or associated with the virus creator. The purpose of this landing page may well vary but it could be designed to install further malware designed to make money through stealing bank details, installing fake antivirus programs, etc.

The worst thing about this Google Redirect Virus is the fact that it can be so darn hard to get rid of it. It behaves differently to other viruses and so is not as easy to remove. In fact I’ve seen some antivirus programs fail to deal with it properly and some don’t even detect it!

You can get rid of the Google Redirect Virus though as I discussed a short while ago:  virus redirect.

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