What Is The EFF, How Could You Help Them And How Could They Help You?

There are times in your life when you are going to need a little help. It can be something as small as getting help with your homework to something as big as getting help from the doctor because you have a serious medical issue. No matter what it is, there are times when everyone is going to need a little help.

Sometimes the help that we are going to need is legal help. We may do things that we might regret later on and we need a lawyer to be able to get us out of the trouble that we are in. If they are not going to get us out of the trouble then they are there to try and reduce it as much as they can. But sometimes we are in the right and the law sees us as wrong. That has happened many times throughout the years and is sure to happen again. Sometimes the law has not caught up to an action that we are doing and they do not know if it is wrong or right themselves or there may be a different interpretation of the law. When that happens there are plenty of legal advocates out there to help us out.

What is a legal advocate?

A legal advocate is someone who focuses on one section of the law and makes sure that people get justice from it. Usually it is the defense of a controversial part of the law. For example, there are legal advocates out there for people who have abortions as well as legal advocates out there for people who do drugs. The legal advocate may believe that drugs should be legalized and they try to defend the people who they feel are wrongly being caught up in the system. For any part of the legal system, even the parts that people deem the vilest, there are usually legal advocates out there to help defend these people who are charged with the crimes. And that is what the EFF is. They are a group of legal advocates who are there to help people who are charged with issues involving electronics. It may not seem like it but there are a lot of legal issues involving electronics these days. The more the popularity of the internet increases the more we are going to see these issues rise.


So what is the EFF?

To put it in more direct terms, the EFF stands for the Electronic Frontier Foundation. They are set up to take on cases where they feel that the basic rights of people are being violated when it comes to their use of technology. They are a worldwide organization and they have helped a lot of people out during the years.

For example, just recently there was a hacker by the name of Geo Hot who was sued by the Sony Corporation for hacking his Playstation 3. It was his own system and he never distributed any of the software from the hacks. What got Sony upset is that he had the nerve to talk about it online. Since a young teenage hacker was about to be over powered by one of the biggest corporations on earth, the EFF stepped in. While they were not able to get him completely off, they were able to set up a settlement.

And this is what the EFF does. When they see that people are being treated unfairly in the realm of digital rights, they try their best to come to the person’s rescue. While they might not be able to help everyone out, they try their best to help most with their problems. The organization is set up as a non-profit so they do not make any money from their legal fights. They are supported by donations to their foundation. What they do is from their hearts because they feel that it is right.

If you are someone who works with a computer or on the internet, it might be a good idea to be one of the people who are giving donations to this wonderful service. When we are online we never know what kind of trouble we might run into. There might be a time when you might need this service yourself. Even if you are not a person who works with a computer you still might want to donate. They have helped plenty of people who have been, perhaps, falsely accused of downloading files by the both the RIAA and the MPAA. If that somebody is you, you would want someone like these people on your side. So make a small donation to help out. When it is your neck on the line you will be glad that you did.

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