What Is The Conficker Virus?

what is the Conficker virus?

While most people first heard about the Conficker Virus a few days before April 1st when its German creators were thought to be playing a not so funny joke by infecting massive amounts of computers at a time, it actually has been in existence since October 2008.

what is the Conficker virus?

what is the Conficker virus?

Over the last year and a half it has managed to attack millions of personal computers across the world, even reaching into the computer systems of the United Kingdom Naval Fleet.

The Conficker virus has been called by several different names since it emerged, such as ‘Configure’, ‘Confiker’, ‘Kid’, ‘Downadup’, and ‘Downup’, but no matter what name you may have heard, it still spells trouble for your operating system.

This is because the Conficker virus targets Windows operating systems and turns off any virus protection that could possibly prevent its further infection and growth rate.

Officially referred to as a malicious computer worm, the Conficker virus has several different variants that attack and spread in several different ways, making it hard to contain and control even if a user is aware of its existence in their computer.

Ironically, this makes the bug’s official name, the Conficker virus, a very apt choice made by its German developers, since it is a combination of the English word “configure” and the German word “ficken.”

Here’s the real punch line: a ficken is what people in America would call ‘a f*ck’.

If you find yourself under attack, you may be vocalizing quite the same statement as it can be very hard to remove even once diagnosed.

The fact that the Conficker covers its tracks and prevents all anti-virus software from working on a computer once it is fixed in a system is the main reason that it is still in existence.

Many people have had the virus since October and are just now discovering they have been carrying it.

Their computers are known as ‘spreaders’, which have allowed the Conficker virus to grow as strong as it is across the world today.

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