What Is The Aurora Code And How Does It Affect You?

For many people, when they get a virus on their computer, they never know the name of it.

All they know, is that it has made them unable to do the things that they would normally do on the computer.

It has either made it so that they can not press any buttons and close the pop up that keeps showing up.

Or it is scareware, asking them to purchase some item and it will not stop its actions until they do so.

There are many more viruses out there that you will not know the name of, but they will sit on your computer silently, waiting for a command on the outside and then they will react.

The Aurora Code

The Aurora Code

The Aurora Code

One of these pieces of malware is known as the Aurora code, and it has affected some of our biggest corporations out there.

The Aurora code is a Trojan that has affected Google and 29 other companies in recent months.

The list is probably longer than that, but these companies are the most prominent.

These companies were all important companies that included intelligence companies that created military weapons.

It is the code that has prompted Google to leave China, or to at least redirect searches to their Hong Kong engine for now.

They believe that the government of China does not respect the value of intellectual property.

The code took advantage of of an error checking algorithm, so that it was able to penetrate some email accounts that were under Google’s Gmail service.

The email accounts belonged to certain China dissidents.

Google believes that the attack was state sponsored and not just the work of certain black hat hackers living in China.

Some people dispute the allegation, even outside of China.

They claim that the code has been around longer than that, and Google is making China their scapegoat.

It may not be a new attack, but right now it is one of the most controversial ones.

Trade Wars

This dispute between Google and the government of China has dragged into the United States Government as well.

This dispute can affect everyday users if it turns out to have far reaching affects outside of the internet.

Now that there has been a slight increase in the tensions between the two governments, we might see a start of a minor trade war, increasing the prices of items that we get from China.

The two governments were already taking minor jabs at each other over the economy; this situation could make everything much worse.

So because of one little piece of code, we could have a trade war that has far reaching affects over normal peoples’ lives.

So now you know what the Aurora code is, and how it can affect you and your everyday life.

One little piece of software and it has this much impact in the world.

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