What Is Scambaiting?


I bet you are wondering what on earth that means arn’t you?

In a nutshell, this section is The Revenge of The Scammed in a way.

Scambaiting is all about scamming a scammer, getting your own back on those who would try to rip you off, defraud you and make away with your money.

Before you go on any further I would like to point out that scammers are criminals.

This means they are potentially dangerous and not to be messed around with lightly.

We do NOT recommend that you involve yourself in scambaiting in any way, rather that you sit back and learn what it is instead.

In recent years with the proliferation of attempted scams, especially as the internet has grown in popularity, so the interest in scambaiting has increased in line with it.

There are many, many ordinary folk around the world who see baiting scammers as a duty or even a hobby.

Some are looking to make scammers look foolish, others are after trophies, such as photos of the deceivers.

Others are out to make them pay in a variety of strange, unusual or even humourous ways.

This is where we will be posting the best scambaits in the future so keep your eyes peeled and learn how easy it is to dupe the ones who would try and dupe you.

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