What Is NFC And What Does It Have To Do With Your Smartphone?

The things that we can do with smartphones these days are amazing. If you remember just a few years ago everyone was amazed when they were able to send text messages and play little games on them. Now we expect a lot more from them. A lot of the people out there have used their smartphones to replace their home computer. A lot of what they were doing before on their computers they can now get done on their phones and they do not even have to be at home to do it. They can get all of their work done while they are in the middle of a bus commute. It is starting to look like the actual talking features of the phone are becoming secondary to the other stuff that a good smartphone can do.


But another reason why people are starting to use their smartphones over their home computers is not just because it can replace the computer itself. No, there is another reason why people are starting to choose the smartphone over their home computer. They are picking it because the smartphone can do some things that their computer cannot do. Or if the computer can do it, it cannot do it very efficiently. One of these acts is to use the NFC features of the phone. In this article we will explain what NFC is, how you can use it, and how it can also be used to turn against you as well.

What is NFC and what can you use it for?

This is a very good question. The letters NFC stand for Near Field Communication. It is a standard of sorts that allow smartphones to be able to talk to each other by just being near one another. You do not have to type anything; the phones will just communicate with each other once they sense the other one. It works by beaming a radio signal to the other phone and then that phone beaming it back. But the device beaming the radio signal does not even have to be phone. It can be anything as long as it has NFC capabilities. But most of the time you will only see mobile phones with this feature. This special feature was first introduced a few years ago but it is just now starting to get the recognition that it deserves. People and businesses are finding a lot of uses for the NFC technology and pretty soon you are going to start seeing it all over the place.

The NFC feature can be used when you go shopping and you want to be able to pay for the items with your phone. All you have to do is put the phone near the device and it will be able to pay for your purchase. You can also use it to see how much some of the items in the store cost. Some stores have special devices that beam the price of the item to your phone. They will do this so that you can compare the price of the item in the store with somewhere else on the internet. They want to show the customer that they are cheaper than anyone else.

But there are also safety considerations to think about when you use this feature. This feature has no limit when it comes to the information that can be pulled from your phone. So if you scan against the wrong device you will find a lot of your personal information in someone else’s phone. Also if you lose your phone then someone else can use your NFC capabilities and this will allow them to pay for items like you could before you lost the phone.

Just like with any other technology you have to be really careful when you enable NFC.

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