What Is NeoPwn?

If you work in the computer security industry there are times when you are going to need a little help with your job. Some people do not realize that when it comes to computer security there are many different segments that fall under that category. So when you are working for a company, especially if it is a small to mid size company, then you might be the only one who is responsible for all the computer security issues in that company. This might lead you into having to go outside of your field of specialties. For example if you are someone who is a network security expert and you have to find the problem with a corrupted piece of malware in a software installation then you are out of your field. You are going to need help. That is where computer security frameworks come into play.


Computer security frameworks help you get down to what the problem is without having to learn everything from scratch. If you have a basic idea on how the internals of a computer work then you will be able to figure out a lot from using some of the computer security frameworks that are out there. One of the most popular computer security frameworks out there is actually an operating system called Backtrack. It is a Linux based operating system that if filled to the brim with security tools. On there you will find many actual frameworks that will fulfill your needs.

One piece of software that has taken inspiration from Backtrack is one that is called Neopwn. Like Backtrack, it is an operating system that is Linux based but instead of focusing on the computer and its network it focuses on mobile phones. In this day and age people are using their mobile phones more and more like computers. So the bad guys are starting to hunt people on their mobile phones as well. Neopwn is designed to help be able to stop that.

If you are working in mobile phone security or are just interested in it then Neopwn is a great tool to have.

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