What Is MD5 Hash And How Does It Help You Stay Secure?

As a programmer there are some lessons that you learn quicker than others. When you are first starting out, you tend to think about the ability to make things and little else. You do not think of the consequences of making these items. It is only after you have made working software for awhile do you tend to think about the side effects of letting the public have access to your software. And one of these first thoughts is of the security of your program.

Software security is a big problem. This is especially true when you have a public front facing piece of software. Not only do you have to worry about keeping the bad guys out, you also have to worry about what to do just in case the bad guys are able to sneak their way in. Do you have the right items set up to handle that?

One of the most important parts of your program that you have to protect from the bad guys is the information that pertains to your customers. If a black hat hacker is able to break through your software and compromises the user’s information then you will no longer have any users of that software. So you need to make sure that this is handled way before you even get to that point. One of the ways that you can do that is through the use of encryption.


A popular technique is to use MD5 to protect the data that you have stored in your software. This is a popular hashing technique that allows you to store your users information in a safe manner in the database. The MD5 format is a 128 bit encryption set up that, while not the best encryption to use in all situations, is great for use in a database where data is stored.

The reason why it is so great is because if the bad guys are able to break into the back end of your software and get to the database; they still will not understand what they are looking at. Unless they have the right key, the results of the database dump will look like a bunch of gibberish to them. So this means even if the bad guys are able to get in, they still will not be able to exploit the data they get.

MD5 hash is a very useful tool for a programmer. So if you develop software you should get to know the insides and out of the program.

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