The web may seem simple to the people who only interact with it to go on Facebook but that is not the case at all. The web is very complicated and it is something that you have to get to know really intimately if you want to be able to discover its secrets. If you really want to become a web professional, you really need to know all of the layers and not just the top one which everyone interacts with more often.


The web sits on what is known as the internet and the internet itself is one gigantic network. But while the two might be connected because of the fact that the web sits on top of the internet they both have a different set of protocols. Some of the web protocols consist of what is known as TCP/IP. With the IP layer you have a technology known as DNS. The DNS technology has been in use for a long time but for most of that time there were huge gaping holes in it. While some of the holes have been found and fixed others had been around for a long time and are still there. Finally, someone has gotten around to fixing some of the holes that had been sitting there.

You have to remember that the shoddy security was not on purpose. The original purpose of the DNS was to be able to scale. The security of the system was only an afterthought. Most of the security that we have now was tacked on as a hack.

The technology that was created to fix some of these long standing holes is known as DNSSEC. The letters stand for Domain Name Systems Security Extensions. The purpose is to make sure that transactions done with the DNS has been secured and authorized. With this new system you will be able to stop forged data from being able to get through. This forged data is also known as a DNS cache poisoning.

The DNSSEC technology is slowly making its way to being standard all over the internet. Pretty soon a lot of the problems that we have with DNS will be a thing of the past.

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