What Is Bcrypt And Why Should You Use It On Your Web Site?

Even if you are a programmer there are just some things that you may not be familiar with when you are building a web site. Let’s face it, a lot of the people who are building web sites these days are self taught. There is a lot that they do not know. But they are not the only ones. Even the people who went to school have serious holes in their training. And when it comes to the web, these types of holes are the ones that can leave your web site exposed to black hat hackers.

what is Bcrypt and why should you use it?

The one aspect that everyone who builds a web site today seems to be lacking when they first start out is how encryption fits into building your web site. Unless you were taught the concept in school, most people do not even know what encryption is. You cannot expect them to be able to build a web site and use it effectively. But if you want to be sure that you and your customer’s data is safe and if you are going to make the web site yourself then you must know a little about encryption.

There is one type of encryption that seems to be favored in the security community these days. The type of encryption is known as bcrypt and it is considered adequate for today’s needs. It automatically salts the data that it encrypts. This means that it adds extra text or numbers to any data put in and takes it out when the password is called. This makes it harder for the encryption to be cracked. It also can be made to go slower which helps against brute force attacks.

There is a lot more that is impressive about bcrypt. If you are a programmer that is building a web site then there is a good chance that your programming language will already have functions that allow you to add bcrypt encryption to your password storage. If not then there will be some outside library for the language that allows you to do it.

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