What Is A Script Kiddie?

No matter what profession you are a part of, you know that there are going to be certain levels of expertise. Even though we might like to pretend that everything is equal, the fact is some people are better at certain jobs than others. There are some people who are masters and there are some people who can just get by doing the job.

In the world of black hat hackers the same rules apply. If you are a master of the trade you are someone who is considered to be able to create their own tools and write their own exploits. If all you can do is use the tools that someone else has created then you are what is known as a script kiddie. In the black hat hacker community this is not usually a flattering term.

What Is A Script Kiddie?

But for most black hat hackers, they start off as script kiddies then they move up in the ranks. They start to learn the fundamentals of networking better or they really go in depth in the architecture of the computer. At that point they are ready to step up and do more advanced attacks. Once that happens, that is when they start to gain the respect of the community and people start to truly listen to them.

There are some black hat hackers who stay script kiddies for the whole time that they are on the scene. Most of the times it is these people who are only hackers for the fact that they can get away with crimes and not for the love of technology. Most people who are hackers both black hat and white hack get a thrill when they are able to advance their technical skills. Someone who stays on the script kiddie level is not one of these people and they are only able to perform low level hacks.

So when your network is being attacked, most of the time you hope it is just a script kiddie. They are easily caught and usually will not be able to do that much damage. They are mostly a pain overall.

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