What Is A Password Dump?

Coming up with a password is hard for some people. I mean coming up with a good one. Sure anyone can just take any random word and make a password but how secure is that? It is not very secure in most cases. So to pick out one out that is going to be secure, you need to take the time and really think about it. If you do not then you can probably be assured that if any hacker tries to take the time and figure it out then they will be able to.


But sometimes, no matter how secure the password you pick is, there are going to be ways that it can be found. This is especially true if you are dealing with a third party web site. You cannot expect to be in control of the security found on that web site. You can only do what you can as a person who is a third party to the situation. Sometimes someone else’s bad password pick leads to your password being exposed.

This is exactly what happens in a password dump. A password dump is when a web site’s security has been exposed and the contents of the web site are dumped on the web. Usually this means the user names and the passwords of the people who visit the site are exposed. This information is usually placed on a third party site which is easy to access. A popular web site where you can sometimes see password dumps is on a site like Pastebin.com.

While it may not be your fault that your password has been exposed you are still going to be affected. The world now knows your username, password, and possibly email address. This is why it is stressed in security circles to not use the same password on multiple web sites. All that you need is for an attack like this to happen on one of the web sites that you visit and now all of the web sites where you used this password are in trouble. Web attacks like this happen all of the time and there is a very good chance that some of the web sites that you visit are going to be involved in an attack like this at some point.

A password dump is not good news for anyone but a black hat hacker. Make sure that you use different passwords so the effects on you are minimum.

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