What Is A Google Hack?

If you are on the web a lot then there is a good chance that you are going to run into some weird terminology that you have never heard before. And your first thought might be “Of course, the web is global”. But this is not what we are talking about. The weird terminology that you hear or read might come from your own country and it still might be foreign to you. With the web we start to see different aspects of our society flourish that we didn’t know existed.

not all hacking is bad

A primary example of this is the word hacker or hack. When people see these two words they usually recoil backwards. They automatically start to think bad things. Due to the media needing to label bad guys on the web, the word hacker became a bad thing to most people. But that was not always the case. The words hacker and hack used to mean people who explored a computer system. A hacker could be someone who was good or bad. The term was just the general meaning of anyone who explored computer systems.

But now programmers and people who explore systems in a general manner are trying to bring the word back into its proper context. They are tired of people looking at others who explore computer systems in a negative light so they are taking the word back. That is why you are starting to hear so many computer endeavors being labeled as a hack now.

One of the more popular hacks that you hear about is a Google hack. While this may sound like it is very dangerous, it really is not. It is actually something that is encouraged at Google. A Google hack is something that allows you to manipulate Google results (in terms of what you search for; webmasters manipulating search results is called black hat for a reason!)

As you already probably know, when you search Google there are usually a lot of options that come up. For example, if you search the phrase cat scratcher then any post with the word cat and the word scratcher will come up. But by using a simple Google hack like this “cat scratcher”, you will now only get results with the words cat and scratcher together side by side. Also if you wanted posts that had either the word cat or the word scratcher then you would do this, cat || scratcher. This means cat or scratcher.

So as you can see, Google hacks are very helpful. They are not something that is going to compromise the company. If you look on the web you will find many more Google hacks available to you.

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