What Happens When The Bad Guys Attack The Defense Industry?

When you hear on TV about cyber attacks, the main thing that the reporters seem to worry about is what the effects are if the bad guys are able to hit a bigger target. They like to give you this no win scenario for something that the hackers have not even done yet. But the truth is some of these attacks that the reporters are scared of have happened already. We, the public, just get the information slowly and with little fanfare. Black hat hackers from around the world try every day to hit high profile targets. And sometimes they are able to get a winner and are actually able to get inside of the system.

What Happens When The Bad Guys Attack The Defense Industry?

High profile targets are places like banks and government facilities. The modern day black hat hackers are in it for two reasons. They want to be to get money or they want to get information. But this is not information as in the old school hacker way. They are looking for information against their enemies. That is why a lot of the black hat hacking that goes on these days is state sponsored (in my opinion). State sponsored black hat hacking means that some of these hackers that are out there are being sponsored by the government of where they live to commit these crimes.

This is especially true when you are looking at the hacks that happen at certain defense industry corporations. Yes, they are privately owned, but they do so much business with the government that you could probably say that they are government related. Outside hackers use the information that they get from these corporations to be able to spy on the host country as a whole.

Most weapons made in modern day countries are manufactured by private industry. They do this because they are better resourced and it helps build up the economy of that country. So if they are able to get information about what is being built in that company then they know the weapon capabilities of that country. This is a very bad thing and something that can hurt the entire populace.

The cyber defense that a company has is very important. It is especially important when that company does business with the government.

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