What Happens When Members Of Government Have Little To No Training In Cyber Security?

There are different generations that enjoy the internet right now.

You have a younger generation that, for as long as they have been born, the internet has been part of their daily lives.

You have another generation after that, even though they can remember life without the internet, it has been part of their formative years for a long time.

And then, after that, you have a generation that never knew of the internet and they are just now in the past five years starting to see the joy of using it.

Most of the people that represent us around the world, in Washington, London and elsewhere, are part of the latter generation.

They are now getting used to the internet but unfortunately this means that they are also vulnerable to some of the oldest security tricks out there.

Government officials need to be well versed in cyber security

Government officials need to be well versed in cyber security

Their Security Is Our Security

We have all dealt with older people who needed help using the internet.

Sometimes they can be difficult but most of the time they are willing to listen and learn the new technology but you cannot just teach internet safety with one crash course lesson.

There is just too much to learn.

And, if this person is in a high level position, then that means that they can have very important data compromised.

It could be data that can hurt the security of their nation.

When the most recent president came into office, there was a back and forth with the secret service about if he could use his Blackberry or not.

The rest of the high level officials on the hill do not get that type of special attention.

It’s unfortunate because a data breach from one of these officials can mean disaster for us all.

There are foreign governments that have an army of hackers that are just trying to get one of these public officials to slip up and you never know – it might have happened already.

As long as foreign governments are training for this type of activity then we should make sure that all of our public officials are well versed in computer security.

It doesn’t matter if it is inconvenient to them ┬áthere is a lot at stake.

Government Officials Need Training

We have already seen this sort of mischief happen to high level corporate members.

Even a tech heavy and well secured company like Google was able to get hacked by an employee being a weak link.

We do not want that weak link to be someone who is representing us.

If you are in higher office, no matter if it is the municipal, state or federal level, then you must be sure that you are well versed in cyber security.

You need to know the basics of how to protect the data that is on your computer.

I am sure that the government will provide you with IT staff that will know how to protect your data but you can bypass that protection by doing something dumb.

Knowing what not to do on the internet can keep that from happening.

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