What Happens When Hackers Retire?

In the game of life, even though you love to do something, you can still get tired of it. Even if you have loved this activity all of your life, you can still come to a point when you want to change and do something else. While most of the time you do not hear about it, this is how it is for hackers as well. No matter if they are white hat or black hat hackers, there are only a few who choose to pursue the profession their entire lives. Eventually they move on and try something else.


But when you are a hacker sometimes it is kind of hard to move on. The reason why is because there are a lot of people who depend on your product and not many people can do the same things that you do. And even if they can do the same thing that you do to come into your project after you have personalized it is kind of hard. If it is a collaborative project then it is a little bit easier to find someone to replace you. But if it is something that you have done on your own then replacing you in the project is going to be hard.

When most people in the computer security industry hear about a black hat hacker retiring there are usually cheers of joy. This is especially true if this person is good at what they do. A black hat hacker causing damage on the system, no matter how clever it is, is usually something that no-one wants to clean up afterwards.

What causes a black hat hacker to retire?

There are many reasons for a black hat hacker to retire. This is especially true the older that they get. Maybe they have or want to start a family and they need a steadier course of income. When you are a black hat hacker and you need revenue, you usually depend on your wits to get it. And you are not the smartest in every situation so you might not get any money. Or if your plan did work out then you have to remember that you are dealing with other criminals. And other criminals are not the most trustworthy of associates. They might not pay you just because they can. So to make sure that your family does not have to depend on that type of uncertainty you might just want to use your power in the service of good for now on.

But the uncertainty of the game is not the only reason why a black hat hacker might want to get out. Maybe they feel as if their luck is running out. Eventually most black hat hackers get caught and the smart ones quit while they are ahead. If you are a black hat hacker you are going to eventually get tired of looking over your shoulder, waiting to see if you have been caught. You are going to want to ease back and relax at some point. So you get out of the game and maybe sell all of your set ups to someone else in the hacker underground.

And the last reason why a black hat hacker may retire is because they were only a little above a script kiddie and the tricks that they do know do not work anymore. This happens a lot. A lot of the script kiddies out there do not know enough about technology on their own so they have to rely on someone else to create the attack. Their only job is to just implement it. So if the hack that they have access to no longer works and they do not how to create more then they might give up the game. No one misses a person like this and most are glad that they are gone.

Why a white hacker might retire

The motives for a white hat hacker retiring are a lot simpler. They simply want to do something else in life. They do not have to worry about someone coming after them or anything else. They just want to try something new or they might be just tired of what they are already doing. It happens. So they pack up and try a new job at another place. Or they might stay at the place where they work now but just get into management.

No matter how much you might love something there is going to come a point where you are going to want to try something else. Even if you are a hacker.

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