What Happens When A Former Good Security Practice Turns Out To Have Holes In It?

In this new age of the internet we are blasted with news about security breaches almost on a daily basis. And they get so much attention now because it is starting to affect normal people and not just a big corporations or some foreign government out in the middle of nowhere. Now the crimes are happening at your front doorstep and when this happens it forces you to really think about it. When something is happening right in front of your face you can no longer turn around and ignore it like it is not happening.


This is why you are starting to see more and more talk about it on TV and on your favorite news programs. You see more warnings on how to protect yourself when you are online. They know that most people do not know that much about computers and they want to give them a fighting chance when they are online. Yes, most of the time when you go on the web you will not have to worry about an attack. But there are going to be times when you can get caught out there and all of these warnings are to help you prepare for that.

But what happens when the advice you are given turns out to be wrong or not accurate in this day and age? Unfortunately that does happen and it is because of the nature of technology. Technology moves at a very fast pace. It is probably a lot faster than what most normal people are used to. If you are involved with technology in some manner then you are probably used to the pace. But when you are a person who just uses the computer for internet and email, then the state in how things change can be a little overwhelming.

But because technology is in your life so much, you just have to get used to it. And you have to understand that good advice now is not always going to be good advice in the future when it comes to tech. Just recently we have had a case where a popular program that allowed people to scramble their passwords was recently considered not safe. They found out that the algorithm that was used could be cracked. And so they went and issued an announcement to tell people to move to another technology so that they would not be compromised. And that was the right advice to give. The program itself was ten years old and the safety precautions needed then are not the same as the ones that are needed now.

We will give another example that will hit closer to home for a lot of people. There are still a lot of people who use Microsoft Word and the password feature that comes with it. And they think that their documents are safe when they use that feature. They are not. There are many programs out there that have figured out the simple encryption that Microsoft uses for those documents. But many people out there are under the misconception that they are safe and that is not the case.

When you are getting advice on how to secure your computer then you have to remember that this advice will not always be true. When it comes to technology you should always learn new things and make sure that you are updated on what is going on in the tech world. You do not have to become an expert but just listening to your local newscast will help you out a lot.

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