What Exactly Is The Koobface Virus?

the Koobface virus

Brief History Behind Koobface

If you were to utter the word ‘Koobface’ for 10-15 times then you would probably realize that it has something to do with Facebook.

That is because Koobface is actually an anagram for the word ‘FACEBOOK’.

Even though it has got a cute name, Koobface is a highly dangerous computer worm.

Koobface made its first ever impact on the Internet back in December of 2008.

It then disappeared for a while but came back with a vengeance in March 2009.

And this time it has gone big, in fact, very big.

the Koobface virus

the Koobface virus

Where does Koobface hang out?

As mentioned before, Koobface is most commonly associated with Facebook but it also targets other social networks, such as –




and even Twitter.

According to an official report by Facebook somewhere around 120 million registered users have fallen prey to the Koobface virus at some time.

The Different Versions Of Koobface

Even though Koobface only came to prominence in December 2008 it has in fact been around for much longer than that.

Previous incarnations have been known by the following names –





and W32/Koobfa-Gen

Over time this infectious virus grew more deadly until it became one of the largest threats on the internet today, garnering a similar amount of attention as the Conficker virus has.

How can I spot the Koobface virus?

You may be wondering about the way in which Koobface could find it’s way onto your computer.

Well, by deception is the answer, much like most other computer viruses.

You would get some messages or video links from your friends, or their friends, with catchy titles like “Look you were filmed all naked!”, “My friend catched you on hidden cam”,  “You look just awesome in this movie” and “My home video :)”.

Once you click on those links, you would be asked to download some plug-ins like Flash Player.

And if you did exactly that then you’d be in trouble!

According to many Internet Security experts, Koobface is one of the most deadly and viral infections of all time.

Kaspersky Lab, which stands out among the best of the antivirus organizations stated that “the worms transform victim’s machines into zombie computers to form botnets.”

The most important reason is that it has targeted the social networking websites which have become an essential part of the lives of people in this cyber age we live in.

Although all the Social Networking websites are enhancing their security parameters to ensure safety to their users accounts you still need to be aware of all the consequences of this deadly computer worm.

There are a number of methods which can help you to keep your computer free of this particular infection – more on that in a couple of days.

Stay alert and avoid clicking on links posted by strangers because prevention is always better than cure.

Follow this link to discover how you can remove the koobface virus.

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