What Exactly Is Online Dating Fraud?

Whilst there is no question that you can meet people of quality on online dating sites, in addition to many undesirables, a lot of people who use them are lonely and feeling vulnerable for one reason or another.

This makes online dating fraud even harder to bear for a lot of victims.

online dating fraud

online dating fraud


Online, or internet, dating fraud occurs when a fraudster, who can be either male or female despite what they may say, makes contact with another person who is looking for love, a relationship, etc, via an online dating site or maybe even a chatroom.

The fraudster will appear to be everything their prospective partner is looking for. In fact, they will come across as being too good to be true for that is exactly what they are.

Despite successfully convincing you that they are everything you have always been looking for they will, in fact, actually reveal almost nothing of substance.

This is because anonymity is their best friend – they’re a criminal, after all.

After a while, they will profess all kinds of feelings to you, making you feel special, flattered even.

Beware though because it is not your soul, your heart or even your body that they are really after.

What they really want is your money.

The security controls on internet chatrooms and dating sites is typically very lax.

Anonymous sign-ups are common and this plays straight into the fraudster’s hands as they know there is no way that they can get caught.


After the fraudster has worked their ‘magic’ and made themselves the centre of your world, and have you thinking you are the centre of theirs, you are going to do anything to help them right?

That’s what the fraudster relies upon and so, when they think the time is right, they will start having problems that only you can help with.

Or at least that’s what your new love will tell you.

Problems with sick relatives, the expense of visas, sudden hospitalisation, cost of plane tickets – the reasons why they might need your financial aid are endless.


  • Perfect looks – it’s highly unlikely that a fraudster would want to use their own photo. Besides, a picture of a model is so much easier on the eye.
  • Telephone contact – or rather a lack of it – a fraudster will only have a mobile and will probably never answer it – it’s too easy to get caught out as they are probably stringing several people along at the same time.
  • Needing money – why are they asking you, a stranger, for money when they could go to family or friends?
  • Evading questions – a little bit of mystery is a good thing in my opinion but being totally secretive should set alarm bells ringing.

Don’t become ‘blinded by love‘.

If online dating is your thing then stay safe.

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Lee's non-technical background allows him to write about internet security in a clear way that is understandable to both IT professionals and people just like you who need simple answers to your security questions.


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