What Every Vista User Needs To Know About The Conficker Virus

what every Vista user needs to know about the Conficker worm

The Conficker (or Downadup) virus would appear to be posing all sorts of problems for security experts.

According to the latest research, a combination of external storage devices and the Vista and Windows 7 operating systems may be responsible for the rapid increase in the number of infected machines.

what every Vista user needs to know about the Conficker worm

what every Vista user needs to know about the Conficker worm

Vista, and early pre-builds of Windows 7, would appear to be particularly susceptible due to the fact that they employ an ‘Autoplay’ function which automatically scans for programs when flash drives, usb sticks, etc are connected to the host system.

The virus has the ability to hijack that process, opening a new window and appearing as a folder to be opened.

As soon as it is clicked, the worm self- installs.

Once the conficker virus is running it will attempt to contact any one of a large number of web servers, from which it will then download further programs designed to take control of the infected computer.

Furthermore, the virus is able to automatically disable Windows automatic updating system that could otherwise limit or prevent further infection.

So far it is believed that the virus has spread to around nine million computers around the world.

Make sure you’re not next by installing and maintaining anti-virus software and other security measures.

Additionally, it may be advisable toย  download the KB958644 Security Update straight from Microsoft.

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  1. Jacques says:

    One solution is to play by the rules, even if they are the Bill Gates Rules. Spend some money and get legitimate software, it’s worth it.

  2. No it’s not, and it highlights why those with genuine copies of the operating system should, perhaps, have it set up to install new updates automatically.

  3. I’m not sure it’s as simple as that Raj – autorun is just one way it infects a system – it can infect a pc via the normal methods too.

  4. Downadup/Conficker blocking Windows Update? Jeepers. That ain’t good.

  5. Simple answer: disable autorun?

  6. They sure do but people can help themselves too by installing that microsoft patch, having anti-virus and being sensible.

  7. You’ve just done it for me Julia!

  8. Yep, it’s amazing how well protected people would be if they followed easy and common sense security measures.

  9. “sizteen” ๐Ÿ˜€

    I know… it’s spreading quickly ๐Ÿ™

  10. Downadup is now infecting 1million computers a day. Someone needs to stop it.

  11. It’s up to one in sizteen computers now. Keep up.

  12. Let your readers know that this virus is also called Kido, just in case they get that.

  13. 6.5 million computers have contracted the confiker virus but rotecting yourself is as simple as installing all windows updates.

  14. China and Russia are the most affected regions because a lot of users have less than legit copies of Vista and Windows 7.

  15. …and therefore cannot update their operating systems with the latest security patches.

  16. I hadn’t heard of this one before today but it sounds like it is quite prevalent. I’ll be on my guard, thanks for the info Scam.

  17. 1 in every 17 computers, sounds somewhat worrying to me.

  18. I think it likely that is where the initial infection came from but now the virus is being transferred over networks and via external devices more than anything else.

  19. I hope it’s not affecting critical equipment.

  20. Wow 6% of all the computers in the world are meant to be infected now. Thats astounding.

  21. Am I right in thinking that it is mainly software pirates who are picking this up via torrents and whatnot?

  22. It’s been reported that a Sheffield hospital has become infected with the confliker virus.


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