What Does McAfee Being Sold To Intel Mean For The Security Business?

If you follow the news then you may have noticed that a couple of days ago Intel bought the company McAfee.

This is a big deal in the world of computers and it can mean a big shift in the general direction of the tech world.

If you read the tech periodicals on a regular basis then you will see that everyone agrees that something big is coming from this merger but most people do not know what.

It could be a good thing but at the same time it could just as easily be imagined as something bad as well.

This is just not a merger that most people saw coming.

In this article I will take a look at the purchase and see what it could possibly mean as far as the world of tech goes.

McAfee + Intel = ?

McAfee + Intel = ?

Who Are Intel And McAfee?

While you should know who Intel is, you may not have heard of McAfee.

McAfee is a company that makes security software and their main product is antivirus software.

When you buy a computer, a lot of the times they will have software pre-installed on the machine.

Sometimes McAfee is one of the pieces of software that is included with the new computer – it is a trial version that will allow you to have antivirus running on the machine when you first purchase it.

After the trial runs out you must purchase the software so that it can protect your computer for the longer term.

Just in case you do not know, Intel is the company that makes the majority of the processors that are out on the market right now.

Processors, otherwise known as CPU’s, are what make the computer go.

It is sort of like the brains of the computer.

So these two companies joining forces is a mystery.

No-one can truly figure out what good they are to each other but there are some theories going around.

Theories About Why Intel Purchased McAfee

One of the major theories going around of why Intel bought McAfee is that they are trying to find some way to integrate the skill set of antivirus software to use on the CPU directly¬†(this reminds me of Kaspersky’s work on GPU antivirus).

This way computers would be safer because the fight against malware would take place directly in the opcode level.

This makes sense but it would take awhile before this theory could play out.

That would mean that another pass of the interpretation of the software would have to be done on the CPU and that would mean making the rest of the processes slower.

I could be wrong but I doubt that Intel would want to give up the speed of their processors for more security.

So What Does This Deal Mean For The Rest Of The Security World?

Intel buying McAfee can mean big things in the security world but it will take time to see how it plays out.

There are no clear indications of what their plans are and so, until that is found out, there is no way that the security community can react other than to sit and wait.

Why do you believe Intel bought McAfee?

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  1. Makes you wonder why an what for.
    Intel did have their own anti-virus program at one time an ditched it, now they want another one, doesnt make a lot of sense. This may be the end for McAfee innovation which imo wasnt much anyways.
    I guess only time will tell why this deal was done.

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