What Does It Mean If You Have “Dox’d” Someone?

When you are trying to fight a battle against an opponent, learning how that opponent thinks is necessary for you to be able to win the war. If you do not know how that person thinks then there is no way you are going to be able to predict their next move. And a lot of time if you want to be able to beat a person, knowing their next move is essential in doing so. So if you are a computer security professional then there are some things that you have to know about the criminal hacker. You have to be able to get into their head and see what makes a person like that tick.


One of the ways that you are able to get into the head of a criminal hacker is to see how they communicate with each other. Every industry has their own little lingo they use with each other and the world of criminal hackers is no different. It is part necessity and part ego why these code words are used. But they are used and if you want to be able to track these people then you should start learning the code words yourself. One of the most popular code words is the word Dox’d. This is a pretty popular word in the world of the black hat hacker and in the following article we will show you why.

What does Dox’d mean?

The word “Dox’d” means that you have exposed another hacker who is trying to hide their information from the world. When you are a black hat hacker you have to be able to keep most of your information private. And you have to make sure that the few pieces of public information that you do have online cannot be traced back to your civilian identity. If you are into black hat hacking for the money then you are at least going have to have a username that you can collect your money with. But any more information than that and you risk another hacker being able to find out your identity. If it is a white hat hacker who finds out then you risk being sent to jail. If it is a black hat hacker who finds out then you risk that hacker getting into all of your information and being able to rob you blind. And they would not feel bad about it because you both are in the same industry. There is no honor amongst thieves and this type of robbery happens all of the time.

The more popular you are the more you risk being dox’d. There are some black hat hackers who are just that good and they have not been dox’d no matter how hard other black hat hackers have tried. There are other black hat hackers who have been dox’d surprisingly very easily. They are supposed to be considered elite but yet their information was found out with very little trouble.

If you are someone who is on the trail of black hat hackers for a living then you are going to have to Dox’d a few people yourself. And you have to remember that there are sometimes consequences for doing so. Their friends might try to get back at you by trying to dox you as well. So you have to try and hide information that you do not want the public to know very well. If you do not then doxing someone can come back to haunt you as well.

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