What Does Brute Forcing Mean And How Can You Stop It?

When you want to get something done there are several techniques that you can use. It is all determined by what action you are trying to perform. And sometimes it does not matter what the action is more than which way are you able to action done in a certain amount of time. Sometimes it makes sense for a person to just bulldoze through a project taking down whatever is in their path. At other times it makes sense to sit back and just relax and see what needs to be done. Once you have assessed the situation then you can take care of the problem ahead of you. Some solutions require a delicate approach and some solutions require for you to go hardcore and just get it done.


This is the same thing in the world of hacking as well. There are some actions that you can do with a little bit of finesse and skill and there are some actions that need your total attention and need for you to just push through. There are several different reasons why you would have to go that way. Some are time based and others are just because it is the right way to do things. You do not know until you are dealing with the problem yourself.

In the world of hacking when you have to push through a project it is normally called brute forcing. To put it in more specific terms, brute forcing is throwing a bunch of different solutions at the problem until the right one fits. You do not know the answer and you do not have the time to figure it out so you just throw out what you think is right and then hope for the best.

You see brute forcing techniques a lot when it comes to trying to break some sort of encryption. You also see it a lot when someone is trying to crack a password. It does not matter whether the password is on a server, in an application, or anywhere else on a computer based system, a brute force attack is almost always the first option. And it is used more these days because of the access to faster hardware. In the past when you wanted to try a brute force attack it would take too long and the person executing the attack would have to hope for several things. They would have to hope that the person who was being attacked did not notice and change their password. They had to hope that the server didn’t timeout and make them start all over again. And they had to hope that the server did not have an IP block that would execute after so many times a password is tried. All of these factors had to be taken account of and they still do. But not so much as they did in the past.

And that is what you are hoping for when you are trying to stop a brute force attack on your end. You are hoping that you will be able to slow it down with some of the techniques that we just listed. You hope that you can slow it down by using encryption on your files and by using a very long password. Each letter or digit in your password makes a brute force attack take a lot longer than it normally would. Also like we mentioned earlier in the article, if you have a server, make sure that someone only gets a certain amount of time to try a password before they are blocked. Brute forcing only works when someone gets an unlimited amount of shots at an object.

A brute force attack can be very effective but it can also be easily stopped.

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