What Do You Get When You Mix Twitter With Multi Level Marketers?

As someone who spends an hour or two on Twitter most days I have developed a reasonable following of around 500 people.

Unlike some users of the social networking site, I follow (and am followed) by people of interest with whom I actually want to interact.


A minority of other Twitterers, however, are far less choosy about who they follow and are just looking to inflate their egos by appearing to be popular.

That is where the MLM crowd comes in.

As 99% of multi level marketers know, networking their business is a tremendously hard thing to do.

In order to promote their quasi-pyramid schemes some have to resort to underhand tactics, such as spam.


Many users of Twitter set their profiles up so that they automatically follow anyone who follows them.

Network marketers love that!

It means they can follow thousands of people, knowing that a fairly large proportion of them will follow them back.

Once they have a thousand or so Twitters in the position of being able to see their every message they will start coming out with their usual rubbish.

Personally, I don’t think bombarding people with rubbish is likely to get them to buy something or join up as a distributor but, hey, spam DOES work sometimes, leaving us with this equation :


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  1. Is Twitter a site where grown men go to make bird noises? 😛

  2. Great idea for a site! I’ve seen a few of my friends even fall for simple scams and loose not necessarily money, but their email accounts, their facebook etc. I’ve always strayed away from twitter (until recently) because it just seems like quite a spammy medium and easy to abuse.

    • You’re right about Twitter being quite open to abuse though it would have to be said that they are very quick to respond to complaints and ban spammers as soon as they are identified.

  3. I would imagine that they have infiltrated just about every social networking site by now 🙁

  4. lol @ spitter

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