What Do I Need To Know About Computer Data Recovery Software?

There are many reasons why you may want to keep data recovery software to hand.

If you mess something up on your computer, and have some knowledge of what you are doing, then such software may give you the opportunity to recover some or all of your files without having to resort to the hassle and expense of employing a professional.

Computer data recovery software may also offer an interesting side benefit in that it can recover files lost to fragmentation, thereby improving the speed of your machine.

Typically, a single lost fragment of data is all that is necessary to recover a complete file or archive.

Potential Problems In The Recovery Process

There are several factors that can influence the process of data recovery.

There are some factors that you won’t be able to control, but there are others that can be improved if you take the time to take care of the files on your computer system.

In any case, owning a good data recovery software package nowadays is a must.

Over time, data fragmentation occurs on most computer systems.

There may be different fragments of a file, or files, scattered throughout your computer, possibly even on different hard drives.

The more fragmented the data on your hard drive is, the more difficult the recovery process will be.

This is one reason why it is good practice to regularly defragment your hard drive – its a simple enough process, can often be run in the background, and can be immensely valuable when things go wrong.

If you search the internet you will find many examples of disk defragmenting software, though you need to research them as not all are created equal.

That said, most data recovery programs have such functionality included anyway.

The Fragmentation Process

Whenever your system uses related applications or programs the installed operating system will access and load certain pieces of your data to use.

When you are finished with that data it will be written back onto your hard drive.

The operating system will look for space on your hard drive to write that data too but as your disk fills up those spaces may not necessarily be next to each other on the platter.

This means that the data will be written to different areas of the physical disk, leading to fragmentation.

Computer data recovery software can help avoid this.

There are two main reasons for fragmentation to occur –

  • Through installing and deleting new programs
  • By copying and deleting other files

If this is something you do on a frequent basis then you will want to defragment your hard drive at least once a month.

If you don’t, big files will be saved across multiple positions on your hard drive, increasing the risk of data loss and quite possibly slowing your system down.

Once again, computer data recovery software can improve this problem.

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