What Can The New UEFI Specifications Offer Me In Terms Of Security And Other Benefits?

When we talk about technology we are talking about something that is always changing.

No matter what else happens in the course of human events we will always advance when it comes to technology and it is not only the technology itself, but the fact that we had the knowledge to create the technology, that will make sure that it always advances.

The technology today is brought a step forward by the findings of the past.

When they say that the inventors of today walk on the shoulders of giants, they really mean it.

But every now and then there is a glitch in the system.

While most technology advances, there are certain small pieces of technology that become forgotten about; they are not considered to be the coolest problem to solve so some people start to forget about them.

This is the case with the BIOS on the motherboard.

While the rest of the computer has been made to be faster, stronger, more secure, and what have you, the BIOS has been the same for almost 25 years and, finally, after all of those years, that is about to change.

We now have a new specification that is about to take the place of the BIOS.

It is called the UEFI standard and it promises to bring changes to computers in the future.

the security benefits of UEFI over BIOS

the security benefits of UEFI over BIOS

Before UEFI There Was BIOS

Let’s talk about the BIOS first.

Most people who read this article will most likely not even know what the BIOS is.

It is one of the first things that you learn in school when you start to learn how a computer works but if you are a computer hobbyist then there is a good chance that you have probably seen the word before, especially on the computer boot up screen, but you still do not know what it means.

The phrase BIOS stand for Basic Input Output System.

Those words explain exactly what the BIOS does.

When you turn on your computer you do not go to the operating system right away – you first visit a piece of the motherboard that is known as the BIOS.

It is what sets the computer up to be able to receive signals and also deliver signals to the outside.

Once the computer has established that you can now use the mouse, keyboard, and monitor, it then hands the control over to the operating system.

The control that the BIOS gives you is rudimentary at best.

That is why you need to hand over the day to day operations of these input/output devices to the operating system.

Some of these tools have special needs and the BIOS is not able to provide that.

But as I said earlier, the BIOS system has been around for over 25 years now.

There needs to be a change.

There needs to be an easier way to be able to change the configuration settings in the BIOS.

Also, the BIOS needs to be able to have more control in the beginning than it does now.

And That Is Why We Have UEFI

The UEFI standard is set up to address all of those issues.

First of all, the term UEFI stands for the Unified Extensible Firmware Interface.

The first thing that the people who are making up this standard thought of is faster boot times.

I think that we all can agree, that for most computers that are on the market, the boot time is still a little too slow.

Sure, they are getting better all of the time but they are still not there yet.

Also, it has a visual interface.

Now when people want to change some of the BIOS settings, it will be less confusing because they will not have to deal with the command line interface.

They will be able to get a more visual representation.

What Impact Will UEFI Have On Device Security?

One of the promises of the UEFI is that it will allow you to have more control of the devices, faster, and away from the operating system.

I can see this being handy for tools that need to be able to find malware that may be hidden deep in the operating system.

The tools would not need the operating system, they will just be able to boot alongside of the UEFI.

Honestly, there will not be a huge jump when it comes to security and the UEFI but I’m sure there will be some tools out on the market that will be able to take advantage of it.

The UEFI standard is something that everyone who tinkers with computers should be looking forward to.

Having a faster boot time is something that everything geek desires and there may just be some security enhancements too.

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