What Can A Data Recovery Expert Do For Me?

Last week I wrote about how you could choose to recover lost data either by employing a data recovery expert or by attempting the task yourself.

Before deciding whether a data recovery expert is the solution you require you will need to know what exactly they can do for you.

A professional should be able to help you if you have lost data in the following ways –

  • System failure
  • Accidental deletion
  • Power outages
  • Mechanical hard drive failure
  • Through overwriting files
  • Disk reformatting
  • Corrupt software
  • Physical damage to your computer or drive

A good data recovery expert will analyse your specific situation and advise on the best course of action which make involve using software, repairing code, or other means.

Typically, such an expert should be able to recover your data fairly quickly, if it is recoverable in the first place.

Using a variety of techniques, the data recovery expert will likely get the job done in a couple of days, though you need to factor in the fact that he will have to take your hardware with him for this time period.

Also remember to check their work when the job has been completed and backup your important data in the future!

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