What Are The Ways Of Dealing With Identity Theft?

There are different ways through which an individual can come to the realization that they are victims of identity theft. You can find this out when you submit an application for a new credit card only to be turned down, the reason being that your credit scores are pretty low, yet you know your accounts are always settled on time. Another red flag is when you are contacted by a debt collector requesting you to make payments on an account that have been unpaid and one that you are totally not aware of; some people even get credit cards in their mail which they did not ask for.

dealing with identity theft

dealing with identity theft

Identity Theft Help

At this point you are better off looking for identity theft help since someone else would have accessed your personal and financial information and used them fraudulently. Since all these accounts have been opened in your name you end up having to pay all the money used by the imposter. It is usually at this point that your credit report becomes filled up with information that harms you financially and one which makes your credit score really go down. Credit card companies often look at your credit score before they issue you with a new card. If your scores are low your chances of getting new credit are next to impossible.

In order to deal with this situation appropriately and quickly to get your finances back on track then as soon as you suspect that you might be a victim of Identity fraud get in touch with one of the three credit bureaus and open a case with them. They will immediately place an alert on your credit file; this means that any creditor issuing credit on this card is obligated to contact you first before any credit is issued. The original fraud alert that is placed on your credit report by the three credit companies is valid for 90 days. In order to extend it immediately you receive a notification of your rights as a victim of identity fraud get in touch with all the three companies and ask them to send you a copy of your credit report which is usually processed for you at no cost. Then request for your fraud alert to be extended to up to 7 years. You can also ask them to only reveal the four last numbers of your social security number on your credit statement. In order for your fraud alert to be extended you must provide these three credit reporting companies with a police report as well as evidence to back your fraudulent claims of accounts being opened in your name. You have full authority to remove the alerts placed on your credit account whenever you see fit.

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