What Are The Top 5 Disposable Email Addresses And How Can They Save Me From Spam?

Over time, it seems, disposable email addresses (DEA) have become more and more popular.

I myself have many free email accounts, such as Gmail and hotmail, that I use for correspondence that I wouldn’t choose to use my personal email address for.

Other people are getting smarter as they become more aware of the various threats that lurk in every dark, and not so dark, corner of the world wide web.

Hopefully you are such a person who is aware of the importance of keeping your identity safe and secure.

More commonly, perhaps, internet users are turning to disposable email in order to avoid spam.

using disposable email addresses top avoid spam

If you receive far too much junk in your inbox then the rest of this article is just for you.

Using Disposable Email Addresses is one of the easiest ways to hide your real email ID and thereby retain some level of anonymity on the web.

They are also, by definition, of little value and so are easily discarded should when they ever become overrun with spam.

Using disposable email addresses is, therefore, a good habit to develop but where can you find such mail accounts?

Well, free email accounts are plentiful these days but not all are created equal as some are quicker and easier to sign up for than others.

Here Are 5 Of The Best Disposable Emails You Can Use

  • Mailinator

Mailinator is the first and, arguably, the most popular DEA service available on Internet.

You can easily create a DEA in seconds and start using it without any hassle.

“Let them eat Spam”, is their tag line and they firmly live up to it.

Best of all, you don’t need to be choosy while you are creating your personal DEA – it could be anything@mailinator.com.

And when I say anything, it means it can be ANYTHING – zombie, superman, batman or joker!

Visit Mailinator

  • GuerillaMail

This is another of the most popular DEA services.

The best thing about GuerillaMail is that it offers you an email address which gets disposed off after 60 minutes.

During those 60 minutes you can receive as well as send as many email messages as you want.

Visit GuerillaMail

  • MailMoat

The best part about MailMoat is that you can create as many disposable email addresses as you want which MailMoat terms as “aliases”.

You don’t need to check all these accounts on a continual basis, however, as MailMoat allows you to sync your actual mail ID to it.

Whenever you receive any mail, it gets dumped in your actual Inbox.

And when you see that any of your “aliases” are getting overloaded by spam you can simply toss them away.

Visit MailMoat

  • 10 Minute Mail

As the name reflects, 10 Minute Mail is a DEA service which offers you Disposable Email Addresses that last for only 10 minutes.

This DEA service is mostly used while registering to a web service on Internet, where you do not wish to giveaway your actual email address.

So you can send as well as receive mails from the DEA given by 10 Minute Mail in that given time frame of 10 minutes.

Visit 10 Minute Mail

  • Mail Expire

Like any other disposable email services, Mail Expire provides you with disposable email addresses which can be used to keep your mail box free from spam.

But it also offers an amazing feature, which gives it a cutting edge over other similar services.

With Mail Expire, you can set your own time frame for the account to remain active.

In other words, a Mail Expire email address could die after 12 hours, for instance, or 3 months, according to your own personal needs.

It is this degree of freedom that makes it such a popular service.

Visit Mail Expire

Do you use one or more disposable email accounts? If so, which services would you recommend?

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    I have already set up an email account with Yahoo & I am going to discontinue my timewarner Roadrunner email account. How can my frequented websites receive my new email addy? Thanks

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