What Are The Three Signs That Will Tell Me If My Computer Has Been Remotely Accessed By Another Person?

The one thing that everyone worries about when they are performing activities on their computer is that someone is over their back, watching them. Even if some of the things that you do on your computer are not potentially embarrassing, is can still be disconcerting to have someone watching you. Unfortunately, in the world of the internet, this could possibly be true and you wouldn’t even know about it.

Someone out there could be keeping tabs on you while you do your normal activities online. Or they could be on your computer and using it without your permission. Not spying on you at all, just using some of your computers resources without you knowing. This is almost just as bad. There is no reason why someone should be using your computer without your explicit permission.

is someone remotely accessing your computer?

Permission Not Granted

In this article, I will go through several ways that this could happen and what you can do about it. There are certain signs that you can notice if someone is accessing your computer without your permission. Some of these signs are blatant and others are very subtle and you would have to take a real good look for you to notice it. Some of the signs have nothing to do with your computer at all, and may show by some of the web sites that you are a member of  being accessed without your knowledge.

The First Sign

The first sign that is a good way to show if someone has been on your computer remotely, is if you see that some of your information is different on certain web sites that you are a member of. A lot of the attacks that black hat hackers do need to have someone to play the fall guy. In other words, if they send a piece of spyware out, they want it to look like it came from another account. So they will break into someones computer and get all of the information about them that they can. After they gather the information, they try their best to use it so that person is blamed.

So if you log into Facebook one day and it says that you sent a message to someone and you know that you didn’t, this may be a sign that someone has access to your personal information.

The Second Sign

A second sign that might show you that someone has been on you computer remotely, is if you see a lot of activity going on and you are not using it. This is an especially blatant sign that someone might be on it, or they have turned your computer into a zombie node on a botnet. Either way, this is bad for you. This means that someone has remote access to your machine.

We are not talking about a little bit of activity. All computers have that even when you are not using it. We are talking about your hard drive and internet light going crazy for long periods of time and you not touching the machine.

The Third Sign

A third sign that someone may be on your machine without your permission, is if you see something move and you are not touching it. The mouse or a window closing. This is a very rare attack but it does happen.

This is more of a script kiddie attack than a professional. They just want to see how much of another person’s computer they can control. Attacks such as these are more of a thrill ride than something criminal.

For you to stop all of these attacks, you must be sure that you have some sort of firewall mounted on your system. Only then, can you stop someone from taking over remotely.

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