What Are The Profit Margins When It Comes To Running A Botnet?

When it comes to incentives for performing an action each person is different. Some people are incentivized by the fact that they love the action that they are doing. Other people are motivated by the fact that they are just interested in the subject and they want to see if they want to study further or if they would like to move on. And other people are incentivized by the fact that there is money to be made in the activity that they are doing and they want to be able to make as much as possible. Like we said in the beginning of the article, each person is different and they have their own motivations on why they perform certain actions.


But it seems like that for most people in the world, money is the main incentive for most of the actions that they perform. And that is for a good reason. Money is able to control so much of what we do in life. It determines the comfort level of how we live of our life. It determines the health care that we are able to receive. It determines our kid’s future and plays a really big factor in how far they are going to be able to go. There are a lot of good reasons why people are so influenced in actions when it comes to money. And it is also the reason why people are so willing to go to the dark side when it comes to computer security.

Computer security is a business that offers a lot of money if you know what you are doing. But on the other legal end of computer security, there is a lot more money to be made. And that money to be made is a very tempting factor to a lot of people. When it comes to computer problems most people do not think that the issues will result in hurting people. But that is not the truth. Just like money is important when it comes to our life leisure, taking away that money has the opposite effect. It makes people not able to live life at the level of comfort that they worked hard to get to. Some of the bad guys out there think that the insurance companies will pay off the person who is inconvenienced but that is not always the case. When you have been robbed, it is very hard to get that money returned to you in a lot of cases. Not everyone has insurance and not everyone is able get back the time or effort that being robbed online might have caused.

The general public is starting to learn of the existence of botnets. And they all ask the same question when they find out they exist. Why do people do it? How are they able to make money at that kind of activity? Well the key factors that you have to remember when thinking about how black hat hackers are able to make money at their activities is what is the product. In the case of a botnet, your computer’s bandwidth and individual IP address is the product. If the bad guys are able to take control of your computer and use that information then they essentially become a different person online. That means that they are able to perform a bunch of different actions in your name. When you are online your IP address is your name. It is essentially another form of identity theft. And for that matter, a person who is running a botnet on your computer could also turn around and steal your identity as well.

The profit margin on a botnet can be small or large. It depends on what the person who is running the botnet is willing to do.

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